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Lemongrass Benefits

Lemongrass Benefits How Are you today, its article for topic Lemongrass Healthy Benefits. It a grassy plant with a lemony flavor, but the name doesn’t even hint at its many advantages. Lemongrass is generally found in Asian food for its strong flavor, but like many herbs used in Asian cuisine there are quite a few health benefits of lemongrass, too. Easily accessible from just about any ethnic shop, health food store, online, or even within the aisle of many supermarkets, its antibacterial, curative, and antioxidant properties make lemongrass a good alternative for a broad spectral range of common ailments.
Lemongrass Benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory. Research conducted by researchers in the Indian Institute of Toxicology found lemon grass extracts to be a successful remedy for inflammation. The powerful anti-oxidants in lemon grass reduced oxidative stress in mitochondrial membranes, investigators in the study claim.
  • It an Oil Combatant. Lemon grass is very commonly used within the cosmetic field of business. It is found mainly in deodorants, soaps, and colognes not only for the pleasant and fresh aroma, but also for its practical advantages. Mixing in 10-20 drops of the oil into a facial wash or conditioner, for example, would help with acne or oily hair as it helps to cut down on the production of oils. Be aware that some people might experience some skin irritation with this use.
  • Helps Heart Problems. Lemongrass can help to dilate and relax the walls of the body’s blood vessels.This might, subsequently, decrease the risk of hypertension as well as other related cardio-vascular diseases.
  • It Anti-septic. The strong anti-septic properties of lemon grass have already been discovered by researchers to potentially be more powerful than penicillin and streptomycin when used as a treatment for staph infections. Kathi Keville of the American Herb Association says that if used as a compress or a wash, that lemon grass combats various kinds of skin infections and infected sores due to these anti-septic properties.
  • Has Plenty of Antioxidants. Unstable free radicals interact together with the DNA and proteins of the cells in your system. These interactions can lead to chronic diseases like Alzheimers and cancer. The antioxidants in lemongrass have been shown to stop these interactions.
  • Fights off Infections. While clinical trials are essential to demonstrate these advantages conclusively, the Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases published an article showing how lemongrass can help to stop the growth of certain infections. The study also shows that lemongrass may possibly treat fungal infections, but says that more clinical trials are necessary.
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